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Hello! My name is Roger Ignacio and I'm a portrait and event photographer serving both Los Angeles and Ventura County.

I’m a lifestyle photographer, working only with natural light and NO props/backdrops. I specialize in natural light photography where I use the nature as my background, and use a small flash in unconventional locations. My style is classic and timeless, and I pose shots as little as possible - relying instead on capturing the natural, organic moments as they come.

My main goal during a session is to help you feel comfortable and encourage you to have fun so that I can capture genuine moments between you and your family. I engage with my families a lot during a session, we’re on the move, I’m directing you into good light and using a few tricks that I have up my sleeve to get you all interacting and smiling and feeling the love. But, I also sprinkle in some standard family shots that are more posed with everyone looking at the camera. I try to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere for you and your love ones, weather posed or candid, my goal is to capture your precious moments and turn it into memories.

I started photography back in early 2013 as a landscape and cityscape photographer where I go to places and wait for hours just for that magical moment when the sun dips in the horizon and illuminates the sky. 


When my daughter was born late 2013, I didn't had the time that I had before to go out and take pictures, so I decided to take pictures of my daughter instead and that's how I got into portrait photography. I think that's one of the reason why I love doing my session outdoors and use natural light and incorporate nature as part of the story as I capture the moments.

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