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Tips on "What to wear on photo session?"

Coordinate outfits,  but DO NOT wear "matchy-match" clothing. 

  • Pick 3-4 complementary colors and carry them throughout your family’s outfits.

  • I personally suggest to pick those colors from one of the family member's outfit. For example if mom has a blouse with a design, pick those 3-4 colors and try to use them in different combinations on the other outfits. 

  • Not everyone has to have all colors. It should look natural and not artificially staged.


Embrace Color 

I love color, plain and simple. It inspires me and it looks good on the pictures. 

  • Fall photo shoots:  I love jewel tones ... they look great on camera, and look good on everyone.  

  • Summer and Winter: I prefer basic colors, they just pop when the background is not as rich as it is in Fall.

  • Spring: Pastel colors work. I also love yellow, orange, turquoise and brown together; also pink, orange and brown... green, blue and pink... deep yellow and gray.... combinations are endless.


Wear Accessories and Layers

What a great way to add a little personality to your photos and as a photographer I love that they provide texture and dimension to pictures.

  • In Winter and Fall: Scarves, gloves, hats, belts, socks, etc.

  • In Summer and Spring: Hats, jewelry, belts, and hair accessories.

  • Love wool sweaters or scarves.  Wool knits photograph so nice, especially in close ups.


Use Fun prints: 

  • Don’t be scared prints. If done right, prints photograph beautifully! 

  • Plaid, polka dots, cheetah, strips, flowers, argyle….have fun with them!  If you’re still afraid, think about adding prints in small doses: A tie with a fun patterns, vest, scarf, or cardigan. These are all things that can be removed during your photos to change up your look. 

  • Keep in mind that if most of your family is wearing solids and one family member wears plaid, it will not look good. But introducing more prints in the other outfits would be great, for instance a printed scarf on mom, a funky print bow-tie to brother’s outfit;  a multi-color bow on your daughter's head. It's easy and will add fluidity to the outfits!  


Don't wear clothing with logos or wording that is highly visible: 

  • This is very distracting in your images as the viewer is drawn directly to the wording and not your family. 

  • This tip does have a couple exceptions. If your shoot is styled around your favorite sports team or school this would be the time to show your pride through your wardrobe! 

  • If you’re having pictures taken of just your little one and find a cute shirt with wording that relates to the kiddo this would work as well but should not be done unless it has some type of meaning to you, your child, or your family.

  • If you must wear that shirt with the funky logo, because it's you, well then...


Don’t forget shoes: 

  • Shoes are just as important as your outfit because they will appear in many of the poses we will try. 

  • Bold color shoes ... I love...

  • No chunky tennis shoes for the guys, please ... Converse or Vans shoes are the exception, they look awesome.


Pick something comfortable and that matches your personality

  • Pick something that you and your family feel good in! If you’re feeling good it will shine through in your photos!

  • If you’re uncomfortable with your arms don’t go sleeveless. It’s important that you feel good in what you’re wearing and if that means hiding areas that you are not so sure about do it!


Don't wait till the last minute to decide on your wardrobe: 

  • It takes time to put a look together and can be stressful especially if you wait till the very last minute. Start thinking about your wardrobe at least 2 weeks before your shoot. 

  • There is a lot of information on the internet on how to dress up for a photo shoot, including pictures of outfits, which will help getting you inspired...  To my left, just a few samples....


Don't spend a fortune shopping for a new look

  • Decide on a color palette and raid your closets. 

  • You can probably find most of what you need there and come up with awesome outfits, just let your creativity flow.

  • You may have to buy a few things... you don't have to break the bank for it.


Get your photographer involved: 
I want you to get the best possible pictures you can, so I love to help... I tell my clients to take a picture of the outfits they plan to wear and e-mail them to me. This makes it easy for me to make suggestions if help is needed. It may also influence the decision on locations, props needed, and the overall feel of the session. 

Do think about the location your family session will be held: 

You want your outfits to complement the location you choose and pop on it. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to share your outfit selections with your photographer so they can come up with areas and backdrops selections that will coordinate with your wardrobe.

If our shoot is by the beach, I prefer a little color, some yellow or coral go a long way. 

If you are shooting in a green field, don't wear green, wear yellows, reds, oranges... if shooting in a field of hay, don't wear khaki... I think you get the point.


Think about how you plan to use your family photos:

  • If you want to display pictures in your home,  you may want them to match the color scheme of your house. Something to think about when picking your outfits.

  • If you plan to use your pictures for holiday cards, you have may want to share the holiday card design with your photographer before the shoot so they can think about a set up or pose that will compliment the design you’ve selected.  


Here are some of my favorite looks for Spring & Summer, found online:

Here are some of my favorite looks for Fall & Winter, found online.

Here are some of my favorite looks for Fall & Winter, found online.

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